The Spring Square Stashbuster Blanket

Every now and then we need to use us our yarn stash and our yarn scraps. I certainly needed to. For most of my projects I find there are spares left over, and each time I add these to my yarn scraps and spares bag.

I started off my getting all my spares and scraps laid out on the floor. I then selected a few colours for my Spring Squares Stashbuster Blanket. All of my yarn was Stylecraft Special DK – you can purchase this yarn here (sponsored link – does not cost you anymore but I may get a small commission if you purchase via this link, this helps me run my website and provide my patterns and designs for free).

I then got started! I wanted to use my Spring Square design. I made 100 mini squares, made up of 4 rounds of each colour (this required approximately 2-3g of each colour).

I then added a further 3 rounds to each of the squares in a different colour (this was another 3-4g of yarn).

I choose to join the squares using the join-as-you-go joining method. You can join the squares however you wish. I arranged the squares in a 10 x 10 formation.

To finish my blanket off I added a simple border using the same pattern as for the squares for 4 rounds (approximately 80g of yarn required for this).

…….and then it was finished!