Joining Granny Squares – Join-as-you-go method

The join-as-you-go method of joining granny squares is my go-to method of joining. In essence, you work the final round of the granny square and join to the adjacent square with a slip stitch at corresponding points.

In the example below I have done this all with a single joining colour, but the method also works when joining each square using a different colour for the final round for each square – you can see an example where I did this here.

Notes on the method**

In the instructions below I have not included any chain stitches in the corners of the Granny Squares before I join to the adjacent square with a slip stitch.

Sometimes it works best if you add a chain before the slip stitch (and sometimes with another chain after the slip stitch), but I encourage you to see what works best for you – there is no right way or wrong way.

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology: 

UK terms are used throughout. 

Ss  – slip stitch

Tr  – treble crochet

Ch – chain

Treble cluster – a group of 3 treble crochet stitches worked in the same space


  1. Take the first square (purple) and complete the whole round in the joining colour (Fig 1).
  2. Take the second (yellow) square and complete one side in the joining colour (Fig 2).

Arrow indicates where to join with a slip stitch (Fig 3).

Granny Square
Fig 3 Arrow indicates where to join with a slip stitch
  1. SS into corner space of square above (purple) – see note **above about chains in the corners when you join (Fig 5)
  2. 3tr into corner space of yellow square (Fig 6).
  1. Ss into the space between the treble clusters in purple square.
  2. 3tr in the next space between the treble clusters in the yellow square.

See Fig 7 for a summary of how to work the join at the corner.

  1. Continue working along with 3tr in the yellow square and ss into the purple square between the treble clusters (Fig 8).
  2. In the corner work 3tr in yellow square corner and then ss into purple square (Fig 9)
  1. Work 3tr in the yellow square corner and then continue with 3tr in spaces along side (Fig 10)
  2. Complete the round (Fig 11).
  1. Continue to add squares so that you have a strip (Fig 12).
  2. Adding a second strip – work 2 sides of green square, join to the purple square on the third side (Fig 13).
  1. When reaching the corner, work 3tr in the green square’s corner space (Fig 14).
  2. SS into the corner of DIAGONAL square (yellow) (Fig 15).
  1. 3tr in the corner of the green square (Fig 16).
  2. Complete the round of the green square (Fig 17).
  1. The next square added (Purple#2) will join to two other squares (Fig 18).
  2. Work along one side of Purple#2 (Fig 19).
  1. Join with a SS to green square (Fig 20).
  2. Work along the Purple#2 square whilst slip stitching into the green square (Fig 21).
  1. When reaching the corner of Purple, work 3tr in the corner space. The ss into the diagonal square (Purple #1). See Fig 22. Needle indicates where to work the slip stitch, which is into the DIAGONAL square (Purple #1 square in this case).
  1. Continue working back down Purple#2, now slip stitching to the yellow square (Fig 23).
  2. At the corner add the SS into the DIAGONAL square (Grey) (Fig 24).
  1. Needle indicates position of the SS (Fig 25).
  2. Complete the square (Fig 26).

Continue adding strips of squares.