Joining Granny Squares – Join-as-you-go method

The join-as-you-go method of joining granny squares is my go-to method of joining. In essence, you work the final round of the granny square and join to the adjacent square with a slip stitch at corresponding points.

In the example below I have done this all with a single joining colour, but the method also works when joining each square using a different colour for the final round for each square – you can see an example where I did this here.

Notes on the method**

In the instructions below I have not included any chain stitches in the corners of the Granny Squares before I join to the adjacent square with a slip stitch.

Sometimes it works best if you add a chain before the slip stitch (and sometimes with another chain after the slip stitch), but I encourage you to see what works best for you – there is no right way or wrong way.

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology: 

UK terms are used throughout. 

Ss  – slip stitch

Tr  – treble crochet

Ch – chain


Granny Square
Fig 3 Arrow indicates where to join with a slip stitch