Rectangles and Squares Sampler Project

I had such fun with this mini project. I loved working with the bright cotton yarn, whilst at the same time experimenting with tessellating Granny Rectangles and Granny Squares.

Granny Squares and Rectangles

This project took some working out. I wanted to come up with a way to combine Granny Squares and Granny Rectangles in one piece of work.

For this project I used Scheepjes Catona (4ply) 25g in 10 colours as follows: 100, 385,173, 246, 251,114, 222, 397,128, 253. All of the yarn was used up during my project so you may want to include a couple of extra colours/balls.

I used hook size 2.5mm.

You can use whatever yarn you choose for your sample.

Scheepjes Catona

The small sample that I made consisted of 28 Granny Squares, 21 long Granny Rectangles and 4 short Granny Rectangles.

Each of these shapes has 3 rounds. I joined the shapes together on the 3rd round using the join-as-you-go joining method. You can join using whichever method that you wish. If you are sewing the squares together you will be completing the 3rd round round of each shape.

Granny Squares and Rectangles

The completed sampler finished approximately 54cm x 49.5cm.

Round 1.

See how to make Granny Squares here.

See how to make Granny Rectangles here. For the long Granny Rectangles the starting chain should be 18+2. For the short Granny Rectangles the starting chain should be 9+2.

Round 2

Add a second round to all of you shapes. Have fun with the colours like I did.

Granny Squares and Rectangles

Round 3 & Joining

Add a 3rd round to each shape whilst joining to the adjacent shape(s). A tutorial for the join-as-you-go joining method can be found here.

Don’t forget to weave in all of your ends!

Granny Squares and Rectangles

You can adjust this design to be bigger or smaller, by adding more shapes.