Pretty Silver Granny Square Blanket

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For this project I used Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic) in colours Magenta (1 x 100g), White (1 x 100g), Blush (1 x 100g) and Silver (2 x 100g). You can purchase this yarn here.

I used hook size 4mm for this project.

This quantity was enough to make a baby blanket size measuring 70cm x 82cm. So you will need to increase your quantities of yarn for a bigger blanket.

This blanket is based on the traditional granny square.

Each granny square had 4 rounds.

The pattern for making the Granny Squares can be found here. I used the version with 2 chains in each corner.

Round 1: Magenta

Round 2: White

Round 3: Blush

Round 4: Magenta

I made a total of 30 squares.

I joined the squares using the ‘join-as-you-go’ method with the silver yarn. You can find out how to do the join-as-you-go joining method here.

I worked a simple border as follows:

  • Border round 1: 3tr (treble clusters) in each space between clusters in the row below with silver, working [3tr, ch2, 3tr] in each corner
  • Border round 2: as for border round 1 with silver again
  • Border round 3: as for border round 1 with white
  • Border round 4: as for border round 1 with silver
  • Border round 5: as for border round 1 with blush
  • Border round 6: as for border round 1 with magenta
  • Border round 7: double crochet (UK terms) in each stitch around with blush, working 3dc in each corner

My finished blanket measured 70cm x 82cm.