Heather Scarf

The Heather Scarf was designed for my daughter, who requested a wide scarf. It is easy to make and suitable for a beginner as it is a one row repeating pattern using the half-treble v-stitch (UK terms).

Th Heather Scarf pattern can easily be adapted to whatever length and width you desire – if you want a narrower scarf then reduce the foundation chain (still a multiple of 2+2), adjust the length by working as many or as few rows as you wish.

Heather Scarf

Equipment to make the Heather Scarf

Approx 200g-300g of double knitting yarn – I used 2 x 150g of King Cole Curiosity in shade Heather (2892).

4mm hook (or as appropriate for yarn)


Needle to darn in ends


Gauge is not critical to this project.

Finished size of the Heather Scarf

26cm x 165cm (10inches x 64inches) excluding tassels.

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology:

UK terms are used throughout.

Htr        half treble crochet

Ch        chain

Instructions for the Heather Scarf

  • Chain 46 (or multiple of 2 plus 2 for the foundation row).
  • Row 1. [1Htr, ch1, 1Htr] in 4th chain from the hook, miss one stitch, *[1Htr, Ch1,1Htr] in next stitch*, repeat from *to* until last two chain remain, 1Htr in last stitch. Turn.
  • Row 2. Ch2, miss 2 stitches, *[1Htr, Ch1, 1Htr] in next chain space between the two Htr in the row below, miss 1 stitch*, repeat from *to* until last Htr and insert Htr in the turning chain.
  • Subsequent rows. Repeat row 2.
  • Continue adding rows until you have reached the desired length. I completed approximately 188 rows.
  • Fasten off and weave in ends.
  • Add tassels if desired – a tutorial for adding tassels to your scarf is available.
Heather Scarf
Heather Scarf