Cotton Cushion Covers

I bought some cushion pads quite some time ago 30 x 50cm (12 x 20 inches) and had been dithering for ages as to what to do with them.

I finally got round to making some covers with King Cole Cottonsoft DK.

Each cushion requires 2 panels. I think it is best to make each panel 4-5 cm smaller than the cushion size to make the cushion look plump and fill out the corners. Each panel I made was approximately 25 x 47cm.


Cushion Pad 30 x 50cm

Hook: 4mm hook, or hook size to achieve gauge (I used a 3.5mm as I am a loose crocheter).

Yarn: 100g in each of 4 colours of cotton DK. This sample uses 100g each of King Cole Cottonsoft in colours Orchid (3033)(A), Apple (1851)(B), White (710)(C) and Saxe (718)(D).


Needle to weave in ends


16 stitches x 13 rows =10cm x 10cm, adjust hook size as to achieve gauge

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology:

UK terms are used throughout.

Ss        slip stitch

Tr         treble crochet

Dc        double crochet

Ch        chain

* *       Instructions between asterisks will be repeated as specified in the instructions

Notes on the pattern

This pattern uses the suzette stitch, which has a lovely texture. This stitch is simple and suitable for a beginner.

The suzette stitch works with an even number foundation chain, so can easily adjusted to make the covers bigger or smaller.


  • Foundation: Chain 38 (or any even number) using colour A.
  • Row 1: 1Dc in second chain from the hook, tr in the same stitch, *miss next chain, 1dc next stitch, 1tr in same stitch*, repeat from *to* until last two chains remain, miss next chain, 1dc in last chain, ch1 and turn.
  • Row 2: 1dc into first stitch (bottom of the chain 1), 1tr into same stitch, *miss next stitch, dc next stitch, 1tr into same stitch*, repeat from *to* until last 2 stitches remain, miss the next stitch, 1dc last stitch, ch1, turn.
  • Subsequent rows: repeat row 2. Complete 4 rows of colour A then switch to colour B and complete 4 rows. Then repeat for colours C and D and then continue with the repeating pattern.
  • Complete 64 rows in total (or according to desired length).
  • Complete 2 panels.
  • Weave in ends.

Joining the panels

You can choose how to join the panels; whether to crochet or sew the panels together. You may also want to opt to inlcude a zip of buttons along one side for removing the covers for washing. I choose not to include an opening.

I used double crochet to join the panels as follows:

  • Position the panels together so that the wrong sides are against each other and the right sides are facing outwards. Use any of the colours (I used the Saxe)
  • Join with a ss in the first corner (through both loops on both panels), ch1, 1dc in the next stitch through both loops on both sides and in each stitch along and working 3dc in each corner. Complete 3 sides and then insert the cushion pad and then complete the 4th side.
  • When you reach the starting chain 1, slip stitch into the top of this chain 1 to close the round.
  • Weave in ends.