Neon Spin

This Neon Spin Blanket is a granny square blanket with the squares ‘spun’ around so that they are arranged as diamonds rather than squares.

The colours that I used for this project as as follows: Stylecraft special DK in Fiesta (1), Bright Green (1), Jaffa (1) and Black (4 balls).

A word of warning – I used every scrap of the Fiesta colour, and nearly all of the rest. So please consider this if ordering your yarn. I really had none left. My finished blanket measured 94cm x 104cm.

This pattern is based on the traditional Granny Square. I made 3 different squares, each with 5 rounds.

Square A: Jaffa, Black, Bright Green, Black and Fiesta. Make 17 squares in total.

Square B: Fiesta, Black, Jaffa, Black, and Bright Green, Make 17 squares in total.

Square C: Bright Green, Black, Fiesta, Black and Jaffa. Make 16 squares in total.

Because this is a ‘spin-your-granny-square’ you will need to make some half Granny Squares and quarter Granny Squares.

Half squares: 7 of square A, 7 of square B, and 5 square C

Quarter squares: 2 square A and 2 square B.

Arrange the squares like this. You will need to do this otherwise you will get confused when joining.

I joined my squares using black and I used the join-as-you-go joining method. You can find more about the join-as-you-go method here.

To finish the blanket I added a border using black. The border consisted of two rows of trebles (UK terms), a row of double crochet and then a row of [double crochet, chain 2, double crochet] in every other stitch.