Inspired by Spring Colours

Over the last few weeks I have been busy working out the colour palette for a new crochet blanket design. I have the crochet pattern in my head, but need to decide on the colours which will work best with the pattern.

In the UK, the weather is still very cold for April – I am still using my winter coat. However, as I enjoy walking around London, as well as working on my allotment and in my garden; flowers and blossom are defiantly making an appearance.

As nature bursts into life with the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to infuse the vibrant colours and fresh energy of the season into a new crochet blanket design.

From the gentle and more vibrant pinks……

……to the purple shades of bluebells, wisteria, clematis and California lilac.

Inspired by the wisteria, clematis, tulips, bluebells and more, I think I have the start of a beautiful colour palette.

My plan is to mix these colours up with some complementary colours including some vibrant turquoise and blue colours.

I hope to share more on the final colour scheme and the crochet design soon, once it has been finalised.