Gemstone Granny Square Blanket

The Granny Square is a crochet tradition, but is still as popular as ever.

I love these ‘gem-like’ colours, and they worked perfectly in a giant Granny Square.

I love these colours, I think they look like gems when separated with the cream yarn.

It is a really simple design using 7 colours.

  • You will need 900g of double knit yarn. For the sample here Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic) was used in the following colours:
  • Cream 3 x 100g
  • Grape 1 x 100g
  • Pale Rose 1 x 100g
  • Pistachio 1 x 100g
  • Meadow 1 x 100g
  • Cloud Blue 1 x 100g
  • Denim 1 x 100g

Hook size – I used a 3.5mm hook (4mm is recommended on the yarn).

Pattern: I have described elsewhere on my blog how to make a Granny Square.

Colour order: 1 row of each colour in the following order – Cream, pale rose, cream, grape, cream, pistachio, cream, meadow, cream, cloud blue, cream, denim…….and repeated this for a total of 52 rows.

Finished on a row of grape.

For the border, continue with the grape colour and work a row of half treble crochet (UK terms) in each stitch, working 5htr in each corner. Then finish off with a row of double crochet in pale rose, working 3dc in the corner stitch (the middle of the 5 htr stitches from the round below).

The finished blanket measured 108cm x 108cm.