Easy Winter Scarf

This Easy Winter Scarf is so easy to make. I used one ball of variegated yarn, so there were no colour changes and few ends to sew in.

The pattern uses the lemon peel stitch which is super easy, suitable for beginner, and uses a 1 row repeat.

Easy Winter Scarf

Finished size

My scarf measured 155cm x 17cm (without the tassels), 175cm x 17cm (including the tassels). You can easily adjust the size according to desired width and length.


For this project I used one ball of Jewelspun 100% acrylic aran weight yarn (200g) in colour 0708 Sandstone Sunset.

Sirdar Jewelspun Yarn

Hook size: according to yarn. I used a 5mm hook as recommended by the yarn.

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology:

UK terms are used throughout.

Tr         treble crochet

Dc        double crochet

Ch        chain

Instructions for the Easy Winter Scarf:

Note: Chain 2 at the start of each row counts as the first stitch. If you find the chain 2 at the start of each row is a bit tight then adjust to a chain 3. I used a chain 2 at the start of each row as it appeared to leave less of a ‘hole’ at the ends of each row.

  • ROW 1: Chain a multiple of 2. For my sample scarf I chained 26.
  • Work a dc into the 4th chain from the hook.
  • Work 1 tr into the next chain.
  • Work 1 dc into the next chain.
  • Continue along alternating between a double and a treble crochet. Finish with a dc (this last stitch is hard to find and can often be sloping downward). [24 stitches]

  • ROW 2: Turn, Ch 2 (counts as one treble).
  • Work a dc into the next stitch.
  • Work a tr into the next.
  • Continue to alternate between the dc and tr ensuring that each dc is into the top of the tr from the row below and the tr is in the top of the dc below. [24 stitches]

  • SUBSEQUENT ROWS: repeat row 2. Make sure that you have 24 stitches at the end of each row.
  • Continue for as many rows as you desire. I went for approximately 175 rows, which gave me length of 155cm
  • My finished scarf measured 155cm x 17cm before I added the tassels

Adding Tassels

  1. Use a piece of card or old CD case (Fig 1)
  2. Wrap the yarn around 7 times (Fig 2).
  1. Cut the bottom of the yarn (Fig 3).
  2. You should have something like this in Fig 4
  1. At the end of the scarf put hook through end stitch (Fig 5).
  2. Pull tassel through the stitch (Fig 6).
  1. Pull tassel through a short way (Fig 7).
  2. Grab ends through loop (Fig 8).
  1. Pull ends through (Fig 9).
  2. Pull gently to tighten knot (Fig 10).
  1. Space tassels evenly along both ends (Fig 11).
  2. Trim tassels (Fig 12).
Easy Winter Scarf