Cosy Caramel Crochet Scarf

This beautiful crochet scarf has a wonderfully simple one row repeat. This means that it is incredibly beginner-friendly, eliminating the need to memorise complex patterns or make frequent changes. Yet, it offers enough versatility to intrigue experienced crafters.

The repetitive nature of the pattern not only makes for a relaxing crochet experience but also allows for easy customisation in terms of length, width, and colour.

crochet scarf

This scarf is made using the half treble crochet v-stitch, which is one of my favourite crochet stitches.

You can experiment with using one colour or several colours. My sample scarf was made up of 4 different colours, in different sized stripes.

This pattern is easily adjustable, you can adjust the starting chain to make a longer or shorter scarf, and you adjust the number of rows to make the scarf thinner or wider.

crochet scarf


Crochet Hook: 5mm (US H/8) or size needed to achieve gauge

Yarn: Aran weight yarn 400g – comprising of 100g in 4 different colours

This sample uses Paintbox Simply Aran in 208 Light Caramel (yarn A) 100g/184m, 249 Candyfloss Pink (yarn B) 100g/184m, 203 Misty Grey (yarn C) 100g/184m, 207 Vanilla Cream (yarn D) 100g/184m.

Notions: Scissors, Needle to weave in ends

Finished size:  20cm x 190cm (excluding the tassels). 20cm x 205cm (including tassels). 

Skill Level: Suitable for beginners

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology:

  • UK terms are used throughout.
  • ss  – slip stitch
  • Htr – Half treble crochet
  • ch – chain
  • *to * – instructions between asterisks will be repeated as specified in the instructions
  • V – a group of 3 stitch (1htr, ch1, 1htr) worked in the same stitch

UK/US Stitch Conversion Chart & Stitch Description:

Stitch conversion
cosy crochet scarf

Notes on the pattern:

This pattern uses a one row repeat. The stitch is half-treble V-stitch – each V is a group of 2htr stitches with a chain in between, worked in the same stitch. The next row works the V into the ch1 space.

Different Sizes: 

Remember you will need to adjust the yarn quantities if making the scarf longer or wider.

Adjusting the Length: To make the length of the scarf longer or shorter you must adjust the number of stitches in the starting chain.  A multiple of 2. The sample had length of 190cm (excluding tassels) and had a starting chain of 220.

Adjusting the Width: To make the width of the scarf wider or narrower you must adjust the number of completed rows as per pattern.  The sample measured 20cm (8in) which was worked in 20 rows as per the pattern.


Foundation Chain: Using Light Caramel yarn (yarn A). Chain 220 (multiple of 2) for the foundation chain). Try to chain quite loosely, if you find it is too tight you may want to go up a hook size to make the foundation chain.

Row 1: Continue with Caramel yarn (yarn A), 1htr in 4th chain from the hook, ch1 and 1htr into same chain, *skip 1 chain, [1htr, ch1, 1htr] in next chain*, repeat from *to* until the last two chains, skip 1 stitch, 1htr in last ch.  Continue with Light Caramel yarn (yarn A) for the next three rows.

Row 2: Turn your work, ch2 (counts as 1 htr), *skip next 2 stitches and insert [1htr, ch1, 1htr] in each of the chain 1 spaces from the row below*, continue from *to* until last stitch, 1htr in the last stitch. [108 V’s and a htr at each end]

Row 3: Continue with Light Caramel yarn (yarn A), continue as per Row 2.

Row 4: Continue with Light Caramel yarn (yarn A), continue as per Row 2. Fasten off Light Caramel yarn (yarn A).

Row 5: Switch to Candyfloss Pink (yarn B).  Repeat row 2.  Fasten off Candyfloss Pink yarn.

Rows 6 – 9: as per row 2 using Misty Grey (yarn C)

Subsequent Rows: Continue repeating Row 2, following the colour chart below

Colour order for rows 10 – 20:

  • Rows 11-14 Vanilla Cream (yarn D)
  • Row 15 Candyfloss (yarn B)
  • Row 16 Light Caramel (yarn A)
  • Row 17 Misty Grey (yarn C)
  • Row 18 Vanilla Cream (yarn D)
  • Row 19 Candyfloss (yarn B)
  • Row 20 Light Caramel (yarn A).

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Adding tassels (optional):

adding tassels to your scarf

There is a tutorial available on how to add tassels to your crochet scarf.

crochet scarf

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