Magic Pink Granny Square Blanket

Apologies, I have been delayed in updating my blog. I have been recently finished 2 or 3 different projects and have not had time to write them up on my blog.

I love the colours of this Magic Pink Granny Square Blanket. In fact, it was so popular on my instagram page that someone asked to buy it before I had it finished.

I have now written up the free patten here.

I have a been working on another couple of projects and will update you soon.

Using up spare yarn….the pink blanket

Continuing to work on my granny squares, which started off as a project to use up some of my yarn stash.

  • Round 6 of each square was completed using cream.
  • I ended up with a total of 25 squares.
  • Today’s job is to join the squares together.

I am joining the squares using a continuous ‘join-as-you-go’ method, but I am trying to do it differently from before. Instead of going with a slip stitch going under the square, I am trying to join with a slip stitch by going into the square from above. It is taking much longer doing it this way but the work appears much flatter.