More colour blocks

I have to admit that I am a bit obsessed with colour blocks and single colour squares. I think this is because I just want to make something with as few ends as possible to sew in. I also had some beautiful Paintbox Simply DK yarn in my stash that I have been saving for that perfect project.

You can buy Paintbox Simply DK yarn here (affiliate link – if you buy anything via this link, at no extra cost to you, I may get a small commission which helps me to run my website).

My first task was to work out what stitch combination I wanted to use. In the end I went with a combination of two different stitches – a combination that I used in a previous project or two, see if you can work out which ones.

Initially I was not happy with how the edges looked, so my second task was to work out how to create a perfectly straight edge. This took loads of attempts, but I was really happy with the outcome – more on this coming soon.

My third task was to work out how to do the join. In the end I went with a join similar to that I used on my Rainforest Patchwork Blanket, but with some little differences.

Now my task is getting the bulk of the blanket finished………and when the weather is fine I can sit in the garden and get in the crocheting zone!

I have had lots of comments on social media calling this the ‘ice-cream’ or ‘Neapolitan’ blanket – not sure what I will call it but it does remind me of ice-cream!

The Blue Blanket


I wanted to share with you the blue blanket that I have just completed.

For this project I used Paintbox Simply DK yarn in the following colours: Pistachio Green, Sea Foam Blue, Washed Teal, Marine Blue, Kingfisher Blue and Champagne White (2 skeins). I used hook size 3.5 (UK).

I love making traditional Granny Squares, and for this project I chained one in each corner and have no chain between the groups of trebles. I made 5 different colour combinations, with 5 rounds to each square.

The Granny Square Pattern and an accompanying video tutorial is available: Granny Square Pattern

I completed 5 of each square, therefore finishing with 25 squares and I added a sixth round using Champagne White yarn.

I used the ‘join-as-you-go’ joining method, using Champagne White to join the squares together on the 7th round.

For the border, I wanted to keep it simple, I added a round of trebles (UK terms) around the whole blanket in Champagne White yarn.

I then added a row of (double crochet in each treble space and two chain) using Sea Foam Blue. Then added a row of trebles into the chain two spaces in Champagne White. To finish I added a double crochet in back loops only using Marine Blue.

  • I am really happy with how this blanket turned out, the yarn is lovely and soft.
  • The finished blanket measured 80cm x 80cm.
  • I hope that you enjoyed reading about this project.
  • Many thanks for visiting my blog.