Cool Chunky Stripes

Oh dear, I have had a lot of IT issues recently (laptop died) and so have not been able to show you progress on a number of my recent projects.

This Cool Chunky Stripes Blanket was lovely and easy to make and uses the herringbone half treble (uk) stitch – I used this for my Aqua Chunky Cushion too and love the stitch definition. The pattern for this Cool Chunky Stripes Blanket can be found here.

Lemon Peel Stitch

My favourite thing to make is anything with granny squares in, but every now and then I need to do something different. I loved making this blanket in the Lemon Peel Stitch (sometimes called the Griddle Stitch). It has a lovely texture and is quick to work up. But best of all, it is super easy.

This stitch does not have big holes. It is versatile and can be used to make a variety of items (washcloths, scarves, animal blankets, baby blankets etc).

For written instructions on how to do the Lemon Peel Stitch please see here.

Rainbow Baby Blanket

This week I decided to work with some colour. I was travelling so I wanted something easy to do. I just love these colours. You can find out more about how to make this blanket here.

The patterns is a traditional granny square based on 6 rainbow colours.

My blanket finished 80cm x 80cm but you can adapt to how big or small you want it.

Donating Blankets to Charity

I have just started selling some of my newer crochet blankets in my Etsy shop and so far this is going well. I must say it has been lovely to have some fantastic feedback from happy customers and I am thrilled that my blankets are finding new homes.

I also donate some of my work to charity and this week I sent off 2 large batches of blankets to charities.

All the blankets are 100% Acrylic and washable, so they should be perfect to use in their new homes.

I love to crochet, but sadly I cannot keep all my work. So I am really happy that I can make these items with lots of care and dedication and then see them go off to their new owners. Best of all – I can keep making and designing!

Pretty Silver Granny Square Blanket

I have just finished this baby-sized blanket (70cm x 82cm). It is really simple that you can scale up to the size that you want. To see further details on how I made this please see here.

I used Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic) in 4 colours : Magenta (100g), White (100g), Blush (100g) and Silver (200g). You will need to purchase more yarn if you plan to make a bigger blanket.

The Susie Baby Blanket

I am really excited to share this project with you!

I have named it ‘The Susie Baby Blanket’ for two reasons – firstly it is made up of the Suzette stitch, which is incredibly simple. Secondly my ‘baby’ sister Susie has just started crocheting, which is wonderful as now I have someone in the family who I can talk to who understands the wonders of crochet.  

The Suzette stitch is simple and suitable for beginners, and is made up of double crochet (dc) and treble crochet (tr) (UK terms).  I have added a simple border made up of double crochet (dc) and half treble crochet (htr), but the border is optional as the Suzette stitch leaves lovely straight edges.

I have written up the pattern in full and this can be found here.

Corner-to-corner Granny Square – finished!

I was really impressed with how quick this blanket worked up.


This pattern was the Corner-to-Corner Granny Square by Blossom Crochet. The YouTube video tutorial can be found on Blossom Crochet’s channel here.

I worked two rows of each colour in a repeating order of White, Lincoln, Grey, Pale Rose and Grape, until the end where there was one final row of White. I absolutely loved this pattern and the tutorial was super-easy to follow. I love the way that the blanket is lovely and square with perfect corners and straight lines.


I used Stylecraft Special DK (100% Acrylic) in colours White, Grey, Lincoln, Pale Rose and Grape (1 skein each).


For the border I used the White yarn, and worked two rows of treble crochet followed by a row of [double crochet, chain 3, double crochet in same stitch], skip stitch then repeat in next stitch (all UK terms).

Finished Size

The finished blanket is approximately 72cm x 72cm.

Full page version see here.

The Green Heart Granny Square Baby Blanket

This Green Heart Granny Square Baby Blanket was a delight to make. Full details on how to make the heart centre is now available.

The Green Heart Granny Square Baby Blanket

This beautifully soft baby blanket was made from Paintbox Simply Aran in four different colours.

Full details now available here.

The Blue Blanket


I wanted to share with you the blue blanket that I have just completed.

For this project I used Paintbox Simply DK yarn in the following colours: Pistachio Green, Sea Foam Blue, Washed Teal, Marine Blue, Kingfisher Blue and Champagne White (2 skeins). I used hook size 3.5 (UK).

I love making traditional Granny Squares, and for this project I chained one in each corner and have no chain between the groups of trebles. I made 5 different colour combinations, with 5 rounds to each square.

The Granny Square Pattern and an accompanying video tutorial is available: Granny Square Pattern

I completed 5 of each square, therefore finishing with 25 squares and I added a sixth round using Champagne White yarn.

I used the ‘join-as-you-go’ joining method, using Champagne White to join the squares together on the 7th round.

For the border, I wanted to keep it simple, I added a round of trebles (UK terms) around the whole blanket in Champagne White yarn.

I then added a row of (double crochet in each treble space and two chain) using Sea Foam Blue. Then added a row of trebles into the chain two spaces in Champagne White. To finish I added a double crochet in back loops only using Marine Blue.

  • I am really happy with how this blanket turned out, the yarn is lovely and soft.
  • The finished blanket measured 80cm x 80cm.
  • I hope that you enjoyed reading about this project.
  • Many thanks for visiting my blog.