Cotton Breeze Squares – a project using cotton yarn

These are beautiful little squares made with Sirdar Happy Cotton – I used the 20g balls from a set of 50 different colours.

Crocheting with cotton yarn in pastel colors is a delightful experience. The softness of the cotton combined with the gentle hues creates a sensation akin to a cool breeze on a warm day. It’s a soothing and therapeutic process that allows you to immerse yourself in creativity and mindfulness. The end result is a collection of beautiful crochet squares that radiate peace and tranquility.

One of the joys of working with crochet squares is the ability to mix and match colors and patterns. With pastel hues, you have a wide palette to choose from, allowing you to create captivating combinations. Consider creating a patchwork blanket with squares in different pastel shades, or experiment with color gradients to achieve a stunning ombre effect. The possibilities for creativity are truly limitless.

Full written pattern can be found here.

A video tutorial can be found here.

Cotton Mini Squares

This week I have been using up some of my cotton 4ply yarn. The yarn that I used is Scheepjes Catona. The balls are 25g, but had been partly used for other projects. I cannot remember the colour names as the yarn labels have all fallen off. It is a good opportunity to have some colourful fun.

I used a 2.5mm hook to make these tiny squares. They are based on the Granny Square but have been adapted. This is the first round, before I tied the ends in. Each square is about 1.5cm wide.

This is after the second round.

I am planning to make something which requires the squares to be tight and quite rigid, hence the 2.5mm hook and the changes that I made to patterns so that the stitches are close together and the holes are small. Not quite sure how many rounds to add, but have the finished project all planned.

Full pattern coming shortly.


I thought I would try something new to me, and with this project I did two new things. Firstly, it was my first attempt at making mandalas and, secondly, it was my first time working with cotton.

The yarn that I used was Scheepjes Catona. As you can see from my picture the small balls of cotton are really sweet.

I used hook size 2.5mm.

The mandala patterns that I used were from the wonderful Crochet Millan, and I recommend that you check out her patterns.

Blocking the mandalas

I gently blocked the mandalas on my blocking mats.