Rectangle Granny

This page outlines how to make a Crochet Granny Rectangle, which is a wonderfully simple variation of the traditional Granny Square. These are easy to make and suitable for beginners.

You can use this pattern to make up bigger pieces of work made up of multiple Rectangle Granny motifs or could be made into to a giant Crochet Rectangle Blanket.

UPDATE FEB 2024 – click here for the pattern for the ‘Even Better Granny Rectangle’

Crochet Granny Rectangle

I have been wanting to make a rectangle granny blanket for some time. There are several tutorials online on how to start a rectangle, but none of these worked for me. So I sat for a while trying to come up with own way. I have had many requests on how I did this, so here goes.

I have provided details on how to make a longer or shorter rectangle. I hope you find this useful (apologies in advance for the photos – not the best but hopefully they help a bit). You can adapt the pattern to make one big blanket, a blanket made up of lots of small rectangles, or to make a bookmark.

The tutorial is available as a YouTube Slide show here.

Written tutorial with photos

For this tutorial I have used a 4mm hook.

For this tutorial I used Stylecraft Special DK in colours Palma Violet, Blush and Plum.

Crochet Granny Rectangle

Abbreviations/Stitch Guide (UK terms):

  • ss – slip stitch
  • tr – treble crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • ch – chain

To make a rectangle with 7 treble clusters along each side, chain 18+2.

Work a dc in the third chain from the hook (insert into the ‘back bump’ as shown in the photo).

Dc all the way along to the end. TURN over. [18 dc plus turning chain at the start of the row]

Chain 3 (counts as 1tr).

Work 2tr in the first stitch. *Miss 2 stitches, work 3tr in next stitch*, repeat from *to* until the final stitch.

Work 3tr in the space formed by the two chains at the start (shown where my needle is in the photo).

Chain 2, work 3tr, ch2, 3tr in the same space.

Skip 2 stitches, work 3tr in next stitch (this should be directly opposite a treble cluster on the other side of the foundation row), *skip 2 stitches, 3tr in next*, work from *to* until the last stitch.

Work 3tr in the last stitch (shown by my needle).

Ch 2, work 3tr in the same space as the first group of trebles you worked at the start of the round. Ch2 and ss into the top of the chain 3 you worked at the start to close the round.

You should have something like this. [7 treble clusters along each long side and 1 treble cluster along each short side]

Turn over. Attach new colour in any chain 2 corner space. Ch3 (counts as 1tr), 2tr into same space.

Work 3tr, ch2, 3tr in next corner space. Work 3 tr in each space all the way around, working [3tr, ch2, 3tr] in each corner. When you reach the starting corner work 3tr, ch2 and ss into the top of the starting chain 3. [8 treble clusters along each long side and 2 treble clusters along each short side]

For the third round of colour repeat the previous round (you have an extra treble to work along each side), for each corner work [3tr, ch2, 3tr]. [9 treble clusters along each long side and 3 treble clusters along each short side]

Crochet Granny Rectangle

Keep working as many rounds as you desire.

Crochet Granny Rectangle

You can make the rectangle as long or as short as you would like – simply adjust the starting chain. Making sure you have a multiple of 3+2.

For 4 trebles along the sides use starting chain 9+2.

For 5 trebles along the sides use starting chain 12+2.

For 6 trebles along the sides use starting chain 15+2.

Below are some photos of a my rectangle granny blanket made with Paintbox Simply DK yarn.

Crochet Granny Rectangle

In November 2021, I updated my rectangle to create my Modern Crochet Rectangle.

Modern Crochet Rectangle

This is a modern variation based on half treble crochet (uk terms) clusters (2 htr form a cluster). You can find the full details and pattern here.

This Modern Crochet Rectangle was the basis of my Modern Crochet Rectangle blanket (full pattern here).

Modern Crochet Rectangle Blanket

The ‘Even Better’ Granny Rectangle