Honeycomb Hexies

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These are really simple hexagons. You can have lots of fun using up your yarn scraps to make a colourful arrangement of hexagons.

Yarn: I used Stylecraft Special DK in colours Pale Rose, Silver, Buttermilk, Grape, Raspberry, Blush and Lemon. You can purchase this yarn here.

Hook: 4mm

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology:

UK terms are used throughout. 

ss         slip stitch

tr         treble crochet

ch        chain

beg-ch beginning chain

*to*     instructions between asterisks will be repeated as specified

Stitch Guide/Conversion Guide

UK termUK abbreviationUS termUS AbbreviationDescription
Treble CrochettrDouble CrochetdcYarn over hook. Insert hook into stitch, yarn over hook, pull through stitch (3 loops on hook), yarn over hook, pull through two loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over pull through remaining two loops to leave 1 loop on the hook
Slip StitchssSlip StitchssInsert hook into stitch, yarn over hook, pull through stitch and through loop 
ChainchChainchYarn over hook, pull through loop

Notes about the solid hexagons: The hexagon is worked in 3 rounds. On the first round the stitches are worked into the ring/magic circle. Rounds 2 and 3 are worked in between the stitches of the previous round.

Round 1

1. Make a slip knot, ch4,

2. Ss in first chain to form a ring (or form a magic circle).

3. Ch3 (counts as 1tr)

4. 1tr in centre of ring (the centre of the ring is indicated by the needle in the picture below)

5. Ch1, [2tr, ch1] five times into the ring. Ss into top of beg-ch.

[6 groups of 2tr with 1 chain between each 2tr cluster]

Round 2

6. Ch3 (counts as 1tr) (this is the second treble of the final corner worked at the end of this round)

7. Work 1tr in the space between the stitches of the round below (indicated by needle placement)

8. Work [1tr, ch1, 1tr] in the next space (this is the ch1 space from the round below), this forms a corner.

9. 1tr in next space

10. [1tr, ch1, 1tr] in next ch1 space from round below, 1tr in next space, continue from *to* three more times, 1tr in final ch1 space, ch1 and ss to top of beg-ch (this forms the final corner).

[6 [1tr, ch1, 1tr] corner clusters with 1tr in space between each corner]

Round 3

11. Ss into the next space (shown by needle placement)

12. Ch3 (counts as 1tr)

13. 1tr in next space, *[2tr, ch1, 2tr] in corner space, work 1tr in next 2 spaces*, continue from *to* four more times, [2tr, ch1, 2tr] in final corner space, ss to top of beg-ch.

[[2tr, ch1, 2tr] in six corners and 2 tr in spaces in between corners]

You should now have formed your hexagon. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Make as many as you like and then sew them together – I made 95 hexagons for my sample. I used the mattress stitch to sew my hexagons together. I decided not to make any half hexagons to make the sides straight, as I liked the honeycomb effect.