Corner-to-Corner Granny Square

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This pattern was the Corner-to-Corner Granny Square by Blossom Crochet. The YouTube video tutorial can be found on Blossom Crochet’s channel here. I did two rows of each colour in a repeating order of White, Lincoln, Grey, Pale Rose and Grape, until the end where there was one final row of White. I absolutely loved this pattern and the tutorial was super-easy to follow. I love the way that the blanket is lovely and square with perfect corners and straight lines. I was also impressed with how quickly the blanket worked up.


I used Stylecraft Special DK (100% Acrylic) in colours White, Grey, Lincoln, Pale Rose and Grape (1 skein each). You can purchase the yarn here.


Hook Size

I used a 3.5mm hook, but use what is best for your tension and consider the yarn manufacturer’s recommendations.


I used a border that was outlined by The Patchwork Heart. I used the White yarn for the border. This was two rows of treble crochet followed by a row of (double crochet, chain 3, double crochet in same stitch, skip stitch then repeat in next stitch) (all UK terms).

Finished size

The finished blanket measured approximately 72cm x 72cm. You could make whatever size you like, you just have to make that decision half way through the project as at this stage you will be doing the longest row and after that you will be decreasing the length of the rows.