About me


Thanks for visiting my crochet blog.

I live in the UK and have been crocheting for about two years. I am self-taught so I am really grateful to others for sharing their work which helped me to learn and inspired me to take up crochet.

Crochet is a wonderful past-time, and it is very addictive (as my family will testify) – and I hope that my blog might help to inspire and help others with their creativity.

I welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments. I am sure that you may find mistakes in my projects, posts and pages – if you could spare the time then please feel free to contact me. I am still learning, so I would find this useful. Please contact me at admin@thecrochetswirl.com or by using the form below. You can also find me on Instagram: @thecrochetswirl. 

Best Wishes, Emma