Pastel Rainbow Granny Squares

I mentioned previously that I wanted to use the pastel rainbow colours for a new project – so I played around with these colours, making granny squares

The colours are Stylecraft Special DK: Candyfloss, Apricot, Lemon, Spring Green, Sherbet and Wisteria.

Stack of pink ones finished, now on to the purple ones.

Looking forward to showing you more of this project – I am planning to write this in a bit more detail soon for those who would find this useful.

Using up spare yarn….the pink blanket

Continuing to work on my granny squares, which started off as a project to use up some of my yarn stash.

  • Round 6 of each square was completed using cream.
  • I ended up with a total of 25 squares.
  • Today’s job is to join the squares together.

I am joining the squares using a continuous ‘join-as-you-go’ method, but I am trying to do it differently from before. Instead of going with a slip stitch going under the square, I am trying to join with a slip stitch by going into the square from above. It is taking much longer doing it this way but the work appears much flatter.

Using up spare yarn

My next mission is to use up some of my Stylecraft Special DK scraps (all leftovers from other projects).

I have narrowed it down to these five colours. They are: Sherbet, Fondant, Magenta, Clematis and Lavender.

My ‘go-to’ pattern is always the granny square.

  • I am so enjoying these colours
  • Now to decide what to do with the squares.
  • Update on progress coming soon.

The Blue Blanket


I wanted to share with you the blue blanket that I have just completed.

For this project I used Paintbox Simply DK yarn in the following colours: Pistachio Green, Sea Foam Blue, Washed Teal, Marine Blue, Kingfisher Blue and Champagne White (2 skeins). I used hook size 3.5 (UK).

I love making traditional granny squares, and I now chain one in each corner and have no chain between the groups of trebles. I made 5 different colour combinations, and did 5 rounds to each square.

I completed 5 of each square, therefore finishing with 25 squares and I added a sixth round using Champagne White yarn.

I used the ‘join-as-you-go’ joining method, using Champagne White to join the squares together on the 7th round.

For the border, I wanted to keep it simple, I added a round of trebles (UK terms) around the whole blanket in Champagne White yarn.

I then added a row of (double crochet in each treble space and two chain) using Sea Foam Blue. Then added a row of trebles into the the chain two spaces in Champagne White. To finish I added a double crochet in back loops only using Marine Blue.

  • I am really happy with how this blanket turned out, the yarn is lovely and soft.
  • The finished blanket measured 80cm x 80cm.
  • I hope that you enjoyed reading about this project.
  • Many thanks for visiting my blog.