Graphite Granny Square

Granny Square blankets are not only a timeless classic but also a fantastic way to showcase your creativity and personality. With their charming geometric design and endless colour possibilities, these blankets make wonderful gifts or much-loved practical items for your own home.

This is another giant Granny Square version. It is based on a traditional granny square. Instructions below are for a blanket approximately 106cm x 106cm. This depends on your tension and on how big you want to grow it. I completed 50 rounds of the granny square before starting the border, but you can do as many or as few as you like.

Materials for the Graphite Granny Square Blanket

To make this blanket, which measures approx (106cm x 106 cm) you will need:

  1. Stylecraft Special DK yarn in the following colours: Graphite (3-4 balls), White (2 balls), Lincoln (1 ball), Pale Rose (1 ball), Duck Egg (1 ball) and Lavender (1 ball).
  2. Hook: I used a 3.5mm hook (use what hook suits you best)
  3. Scissors
  4. Darning needle to weave in the ends.

Notes on the Granny Square:

The pattern is based on the traditional Granny Square.  The Granny Square uses groups of treble crochet to form ‘treble clusters’. It is a really simple technique and suitable for a beginner.

There are many different ways to make a Granny Square. Below outlines how I like to make my Granny Squares. The instructions listed below describe using 2 chains in each corner space. Some patterns have 3 chains in each corner and some have 1 chain. For a couple of the projects on my website I have used 1 chain, but on the whole I like to use 2 chains. This is personal preference and I decide which I will use depending on each new Granny Square project.

This pattern also suggests you turn the work over after each round – I find this helps to keep the square even and it also makes the work reversible. 

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology:

UK terms are used.

Dc – double crochet: insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch (two loops on hook), yarn over and pull through the both loops.

Tr – treble crochet: yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through loop (three loops on hook), yarn over pull through two loops (two loops on hook), yarn over pull through two remaining loops.

Ch – chain

Ss– slip stitch

*to* – repeat section indicated

Instructions (UK terms)

  1. Start with graphite yarn and ch4, then ss into the first ch to form a ring. Alternatively make a magic ring.
  2. ROUND 1: Ch3 (counts as first tr), 2tr into the ring, ch2, *3tr into the ring, ch2*, repeat from *to* twice more. Ss into the top of the starting ch3 to close the round. DO NOT CUT YARN.
  3. ROUND 2: Turn work over, ss into the ch2 space you have just completed. Ch3 (counts as first tr), 2tr into the same corner space, *[3tr, ch2, 3tr]* in the next ch2 space, repeat from *to* twice more and the this takes you back to the corner space that you started at the beginning of this round. Work 3tr in this corner, ch2 and then ss into the top of the starting ch3. Cut yarn.
  4. ROUND 3: Switch to white yarn. Flip over work and start in a new corner. Ch3 (counts as first tr), 2tr into the corner space, 3tr in the space formed between two groups of trebles in round below and in corner space work [3tr, ch2, 3tr], continue around the square working 3tr in each space between each group of trebles from the round below and [3tr, ch2, 3tr] in each corner. Work 3tr in corner space where you started the round, then ch2 and ss into the top of the starting ch3. Cut yarn.
  5. ROUNDS 4-50: Each subsequent round is the same, but increasing the number of trebles you work along the sides. Remember to turn your work over after each round and when starting a new colour always start in a new corner.
  6. ROUND 4: use lincoln yarn
  7. ROUND 5 + 6: graphite
  8. ROUND 7: white
  9. ROUND 8: pale rose
  10. ROUND 9 + 10: graphite
  11. ROUND 11: white
  12. ROUND 12: duck egg
  13. ROUND 13 + 14: graphite
  14. ROUND 15: white
  15. ROUND 16: lavender
  16. Continue with this colour order graphite (2), white, lincoln, graphite (2) white, pale rose, graphite (2), white, duck egg, graphite (2), white, lavender. Complete 50 rows in total. Finish with 2 rows of graphite.
  17. Weave in ends.


  1. BORDER ROUND 1: Using graphite yarn, dc around the whole blanket, working 3dc in each corner
  2. BORDER ROUND 2: Using white yarn, work 1tr in each stitch around the blanket, working 5tr in each corner.
  3. BORDER ROUND 3: Using lincoln yarn, work 1dc in each stitch around, working 3dc in each corner.
  4. BORDER ROUND 4: Using graphite yarn, work 1dc in each stitch around, working 3dc in each corner.
  5. BORDER ROUND 5. Using graphite yarn, work [1dc, ch3, 1dc] in alternate stitches. Work [1dc, ch3, 1dc, ch2 1dc, ch2, 1dc] in each corner.
  6. Weave in ends.
  7. Block if necessary.