Granny Hexagon Throw Construction

I have explained how I made the Granny Hexagons, Half Hexagons and Quarter Hexagons here.

This page explains what to make and how to put together the pieces to make one throw like this.

Granny Hexagon Throw


Approximate size (excluding tassels): 90cm x 125cm


I used Stylecraft Special DK in colours: Lemon, Blush, Cloud Blue, White, Raspberry, Grape and Meadow. I started with 100g of each, and this was just enough for me to make all the hexagons, half hexagons and quarter hexagons and also to join them. I found that I needed some extra lemon and raspberry at the end for the border and the tassels.

Stylecraft Special DK

I used a 4mm hook.


Needle for weaving in ends.

Step 1: Making Granny Hexagons rounds 1-6

You will need to make 33 granny hexagons. Each hexagon will have 7 rounds. But you will make all 33 hexagons up to round 6 and add the 7th round when you join the hexagons. There are 7 different hexagons. Picture below gives you the number of each hexagon you will need to make.

Seven hexagon variations and number of each required

Step 2: Half Hexagons

You will need to make 12 Pointed Half Hexagons using the same colour as in the table above. The number of each is indicated in the picture below.

You will also need to make 4 flat-topped half hexagons, 2xG and 2xE.

Quarter Hexagons

You will need to make 4 quarter hexagons.

Arrangement of Hexagons

Arrange you hexagons as follows (all with the wrong side of round 6 facing up).


I joined the pieces using the join as you go method. Which meant that each hexagon was joined to the next one whilst adding the 7th round. Below is a table of the 7th round colours.

The join-as-you-go joining method is used for this project, In essence, it means that whilst you are adding round 7 to a hexagon you slip stitch to the adjacent hexagon in the corresponding spaces between the treble clusters. Start with joining the hexagons and then add the half hexagons and finally the quarter hexagons.

All the hexagons joined.


The border is really simple. I added in five rounds of treble clusters (2 trebles forming a cluster) in the following colour order: Blush, Cloud Blue, Lemon, Meadow and Raspberry. In each corner I worked 3 trebles, 1 chain, 3 trebles.


Finally I added a tassel in each corner (using Raspberry yarn). See here for my tutorial on how to make these.


This project was thoroughly enjoyable and I am thrilled with the result. The blanket/throw is so perfectly straight and has a lovely drape to it. The tassels add to the boho vibe too. I think I might be keeping this one!!