Easy Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging

The Easy Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging is an absolute delight to make. You can be creative with the colours and make some really pretty combinations. I used up so of my yarn stash, and only small amounts of yarn is needed.

You can make one of these, or make several and attach them. In my sample below I made a total of 9. I attached three in a row and then attached these three strings to a wooden dowel to form one piece to hang on the wall.

On this page you will find all the written instructions for the mandalas and details of the materials required. You will also find a video tutorial at the bottom of the page.

Mandala Wall Hanging


I used Scheepjes Catona for this project. This yarn is mercerised 100% cotton 4 ply and comes in handy 62m (68yds)/25g (0.88oz) skeins. I used up spares from my yarn stash, so I am not quite sure what colours I used, but I went for the pastel colours for the inner circle and a grey for the outer circle. Any 4 ply yarn will work with this project. You can have fun with different colours.

For each hoop you will need approximately 3-4g of yarn for the inner circle colour and 3-4g for the outer colour (this includes to ‘long tail’ to weave the work onto the mandala hoop).

Tension and Hook Size

I would recommend working these circles quite tightly, as they will be gently stretched when you attach them to the mandala hoops and you will want them to be quite taut. I used a 2.5mm hook for this project and deliberately crocheted quite tightly. After 3 rounds the circle should measure approximately 6cm across the radius and after four rounds should measure approximately 8-8.5 cm across.

Abbreviations/Crochet terminology

  • UK terms are used throughout. 
  • ss         slip stitch
  • tr         treble crochet
  • ch        chain
  • beg-ch beginning chain

Stitch Guide/Conversion Guide


4ply cotton yarn – 3-4g for each inner circle, 3-4g of a contrast colour for the outer circle

2.5mm hook – or preferred hook size for the yarn used – see note above

10cm mandala/dreamcatcher hoops – 1 for each mandala (you will need 9 if you want to make the sample in the photo above)


Yarn needle

30cm Wooden Dowel – if you want to attach several of the hangings to form one piece (like my sample in the photo above)

Easy Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging Pattern

Make magic circle (or double magic circle) with Colour A (alternatively ch4 and ss in 1st ch to form a ring). A video showing all three methods is available.

Round 1: Ch3 (counts as stitch and throughout) 11tr in magic circle and then join with a ss to the beg-ch3. Do not fasten off Colour A. Turn over. [12 stitches]

crochet circle

For round 2 onwards you will be working in spaces/in between stitches

Round 2: Ch3, 1tr in space between the first space between stitches. Work 2tr in each space between the stitches all the way around. Join with a ss to beg-ch3. Do not fasten off Colour A. Turn over. [24 stitches – 12 groups of 2tr]

crochet circle

Round 3: Ch3, 2tr in space between the first space. 3tr in each space all the way around. Join with a ss to beg-ch3. Tie off Colour A. Turn over. [36 stitches – 12 groups of 3tr].

crochet circle

Round 4: Switch to Colour B and pull up a loop in any space between the groups of 3 treble clusters. Ch3, 3tr in same space. 4tr in each space all the way around. Join with a ss to beg-ch3. Tie off Colour A leaving a ‘long tail’ of approximately 150cm to tie the mandala onto the metal hoop. [36 stitches – 12 groups of 3tr].

crochet mandala

Attaching the circle to the metal hoop

Attach a needle to the ‘long tail’ . Then place the work on top of the metal hoop. Take the needle over the top and round the back of the hoop, weaving through both loops of the first stitch of the circle (shown in photo below).

Continue to weave through all stitches, attaching the work to the hoop. You can decide how firmly you want to stretch the work.

When you have worked all the way around secure the yarn. You can use this yarn end to attach to the next mandala hoop.

I made a string of three loops and made three of these. I then attached each string to the dowel so that they can be hung up as one display.

Video Tutorial

A video tutorial for this project is available via the link below.