The Spring Square – a modern variation of the Granny Square

I have been wanting a project to use up my yarn stash, and this Granny Square variation is perfect. Each Spring Square requires approximately 7g of DK yarn. These 4 different squares are all based on the same pattern, just with different colour schemes.

You can find the free pattern here.

The squares can be used for a many different projects – here I have made 4 coasters. But I also have been working on a larger project using these squares…..more about this soon.


I thought I would try something new to me, and with this project I did two new things. Firstly, it was my first attempt at making mandalas and, secondly, it was my first time working with cotton.

The yarn that I used was Scheepjes Catona. As you can see from my picture the small balls of cotton are really sweet.

I used hook size 2.5mm.

The mandala patterns that I used were from the wonderful Crochet Millan, and I recommend that you check out her patterns.

Blocking the mandalas

I gently blocked the mandalas on my blocking mats.