Inspired by Spring Colours

Over the last few weeks I have been busy working out the colour palette for a new crochet blanket design. I have the crochet pattern in my head, but need to decide on the colours which will work best with the pattern.

In the UK, the weather is still very cold for April – I am still using my winter coat. However, as I enjoy walking around London, as well as working on my allotment and in my garden; flowers and blossom are defiantly making an appearance.

As nature bursts into life with the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to infuse the vibrant colours and fresh energy of the season into a new crochet blanket design.

From the gentle and more vibrant pinks……

……to the purple shades of bluebells, wisteria, clematis and California lilac.

Inspired by the wisteria, clematis, tulips, bluebells and more, I think I have the start of a beautiful colour palette.

My plan is to mix these colours up with some complementary colours including some vibrant turquoise and blue colours.

I hope to share more on the final colour scheme and the crochet design soon, once it has been finalised.

How to make a Heart Granny Square

In 2019 I made my Green Heart Granny Square Blanket. I have had lots of requests for the Heart pattern. I am please to report that you will find a step-by-step tutorial for how to make a Heart Granny Square.

I have two versions to share with you – a narrow heart and wide heart – you can choose which one you prefer.

Heart Granny Square
Heart Granny Square

Finishing the Mini Crochet Squares Blanket

A few weeks ago I posted details on how to make the Mini Crochet Squares and a tutorial on how to join them using the join-as-you-go method. As this design was created to be used as a perfect stash-buster – have now finished a blanket using these squares and have managed to use up a bit of my yarn stash.

I am really pleased with the result – 196 squares in a 14 by 14 formation. I have also added a really nice Half-Treble V-Stitch Border onto it too.

Full details on the Mini Crochet Squares Blanket.

Full details on the Half-Treble V-Stitch Border.

Mini Crochet Squares – a perfect stash-buster project

I am having a bit of a stash-bust, trying to reduce my number of yarn scraps, part-balls and spares. These are little squares, perfect for using up small yarn scraps and using as a stash buster project.

Each of the Mini Crochet Squares requires approximately 3-4g of double knit weight yarn (all my scraps were from my stash of Stylecraft Special DK yarn) spares and scraps.

Mini Crochet Squares

The Mini Crochet Squares have a simple 3-round design and each square is made with one colour. The free pattern is here, and includes on how to join the squares using the join-as-you-go joining method.

Mini Crochet Squares

I am hoping to make blanket out of the Mini Crochet Squares, so far I have about 50 squares joined. I will provide more updates on how this is progressing.

Cosy Caramel Crochet Scarf – a beautifully simple crochet project

This beautiful crochet scarf has a wonderfully simple one row repeat. This means that it is incredibly beginner-friendly, eliminating the need to memorise complex patterns or make frequent changes.

Yet, it offers enough versatility to intrigue experienced crafters. The repetitive nature of the pattern not only makes for a relaxing crochet experience but also allows for easy customisation in terms of length, width, and colour.

crochet scarf

Made with Aran weight yarn this scarf has a wonderfully squishy feel.

You can find the free pattern here.

Threefold Blanket finished – a modern crochet blanket design

I loved making this modern crochet style blanket. It is made up of 35 separate crochet squares, joined together. Each square is worked over over 20 rows with a one row repeat.

Using Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Graphite, Aspen, Spearmint, Sherbet, Clematis, Wisteria, Storm Blue, and Silver, the colours in this project just sing out!

Full details are here. Enjoy!

Granny Heart – a perfect valentine motif

As we approach Valentine’s Day – suddenly social media is awash with crochet hearts. Well…….here is a a quick and simple Granny Heart version. Full details can be found here. A written pattern is provided as well as a link to a YouTube video tutorial.

I made my Granny Hearts with cotton DK yarn, but you can use whatever yarn you choose.

Hope you enjoy!

Pastel Tiles Blanket – a Granny Squares and Granny Rectangles Project

I loved making this Pastel Tiles Blanket. It incorporates both Granny Squares and Granny Rectangles made in pastel colours. These are then joined using a contrasting colour and the effect is fantastic. The design incorporates my new and improved Granny Rectangle pattern (the ‘Even Better’ Granny Rectangle).

The free pattern and details can be found here.