Adding Tassels to your Crochet Scarf

Adding tassels to your crochet scarf finishes it off perfectly. This page outlines how to add a fringe or tassels to your handmade crochet scarves. Step-by-step photo instructions are provided. Have fun with different lengths and colours.


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Crochet scarf to add tassels

Instructions for Tassels:

  1. Cut a piece of card with approximately a height of 10-15 cm tall (or according to the desired length of tassel) (Fig 1).
  2. Wrap the yarn around the card 5 times (Fig 2).
  1. Cut the yarn (Fig 3).
  2. Cut all strands at the bottom (Fig 4).
  1. You should now have 5 strands of roughly the same length (Fig 5).
  2. Take the end of the scarf (Fig 6).
  1. Take a crochet hook and feed it through the end of a row (Fig 7).
  2. Pull the tassel through the stitch at the end of the row (Fig 8).
  1. Pull through so you have a loop (Fig 9).
  2. Grab the tassel (Fig 10).
  1. Pull the tassel ends through the loop (Fig 11).
  2. Gently pull the tassel so that the loop tightens (Fig 12)
  1. Work your way along adding tassels along the end of the scarf (Fig 13).
  2. Ensure the tassels are spaced evenly (Fig 14).
  1. Trim off the tassels so they are all the same length (Fig 15).
Adding tassels to a crochet scarf