Adding tassels to your crochet blanket

This page outlines how to add tassels to your crochet blanket. Adding tassels to your knitted or crochet blankets can really finish it off nicely. I have done this on several of my blankets and throws. This is a quick and simple tutorial guiding you through the steps to make these.

Instructions for tassels

1. Take a piece of card approximately 13cm in height (Fig 1).

2. Place a piece of yarn across the top of the card (Fig 2).

3. Wind the yarn around the width of the card (Fig 3).

4. Wind around 70 times (Fig 4).

5. Cut the yarn at the bottom Fig 5).

6. Lift off the card and keep together by tying a knot in the piece of yarn placed that was placed at the top of the card at the start (Fig 6).

7. Wind another piece of yarn about 2cm from the top (Fig 7).

8. Tie with a knot (Fig 8).

9. Secure the ends (Fig 9).

10. Trim off the tassels. Make 4 (Fig 10).

11. Secure each tassel by threading through a corner space of the blanket (Fig 11).

12. Tie in the ends (Fig 12).

Repeat for each corner of your blanket.

Adding tassels to your crochet blankets.